B2B Lead Identification

See Who is Visiting Your Website.

Identify leads in real-time.  Instantly identify your anonymous website visitors and turn them into actionable sales leads in real-time.  Instantly access names, job titles and email addresses of key contacts that match your target profile, from businesses that have been visiting your site. Forget waiting for the phone to ring or a website conversion. own your lead generation activity by uncovering the identity of your unconverted website visitors.

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98% of your site traffic leaves without converting and never returns.


We can fix that with B2B Lead Identification from Digital Marketology.  Discover which companies are visiting your website, When they are visiting, What pages, How Often,  and how long they were on a page.

This is the perfect solution for your sales team to proactively reach out to potential customers that have yet to engage with filling out a form or made a phone call to your company.


  • Identify Sales Leads


  • Manage Your Leads


  • Analyse Your Data


Identify Sales Leads and Turn Traffic Into Leads That You Never Knew You Had


Take control of your lead generation activity and convert ready-to-buy prospects before your competitors even get close?  You will be able to identify your anonymous website traffic and turns them into actionable sales leads. In real-time.

Rapidly identify and contact your decision makers

Leverage Lead Forensics as an additional data source. Instantly access names, job titles and email addresses of key contacts that match your target profile, from businesses that have been visiting your site.

Actionable leads at your fingertips

Forget waiting for the phone to ring or a website conversion. You can own your lead generation activity by uncovering the identity of your unconverted website visitors, delivering them to you via your Visitor List.

All the data you need to convert leads. Faster

We know data matters most. Get instant visitor contact data to feed into your lead-hungry sales team, including:

  • Business Name
  • Names, positions and email addresses of key decision makers
  • Location
  • Website
  • Telephone Number


Get seriously personal with deep visitor insight

Insight into on-site visitor behavior is about to fuel your sales cycle and close deals faster. With intelligence into exactly what your visitors are looking for, your telemarketing and communications can be tailored to suit the prospect’s needs, without a lengthy qualification process.

  • What they searched for
  • How many times they visited
  • Pages viewed and time spent
  • Buyer consideration stage

Manage your Leads – Sell smarter. Sell faster. Sell more.


You have the ability to use as a stand-alone CRM or the can be combined with a number of popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce and others.  Your sales team will access the data, insight and essential contact information they need to close the deal and you can automate everything.

Prioritize the hottest leads

Empower your sales team with visibility of the hottest prospects to prioritize – and close. Define your own criteria of high-value leads, and automate them straight to your chosen reps’ inbox with Trigger Reports.

  • Industry Sector
  • Full Contact Details
  • Company Size
  • Visit Duration and Path
  • Repeat Visits

Never miss a sales opportunity again

The ‘Watch List’ is the solution to proactive pipeline management your sales team have been waiting for.  Your teams will have full visibility of every prospect’s journey by automatically alerting them when a business revisits your website.  Seriously timely sales communications mean your competitors won’t even get close.

Mobilize your lead generation

Experience Lead Forensics on your smartphone with our easy to use app! Identify your hottest leads, schedule callbacks and appointments, set notification reminders for all your activities, assign leads to your sales team, and more, on the go!

Upload your dream list

Those enterprise businesses you always wanted to work with? Our Data Manager feature is about to give you the competitive edge – upload your list and we’ll instantly alert you when they visit your website. 

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Analyse Your Data – Maximise Campaign ROI with analytics


The data can be tracked in a stand-alone or combined with other analytics programs.  With a full suite of data-rich features, it can be used as a central hub for maximised marketing ROI. Bring your lead generation, analytics, and insight into one place for full campaign intelligence that drives real results.

Real data. Real insight

Say goodbye to making sense of metrics and understand exactly what your prospects want to see. Get deep insight into who your website visitors are and what content they are reading, so you can deliver more relevant content, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Search terms
  • Referring websites
  • Page abandonment and engagement
  • Industry and turnover

Next level attribution

Never guess a lead source again.  With Lead Forensics you’ll uncover which channels are really driving sales-ready leads by discovering the original source of every individual website visitor.  From external links to social media, you’ll have the power to focus on the channels that matter most.

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Discover which companies are visiting your website, When they are visiting, What pages, How Often,  and how long they were on a page.

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