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Digital Marketology offers a wide array of services to allow your company to succeed online.  We pride ourselves on our number one service and that is to develop a solution to your companies online presence.  We first listen to you and learn about your business and then offer the best solutions to make the most out of your investment.  We excel in affordable website solutions and internet marketing services in Tulsa and all around Oklahoma.  

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Digital Marketology Services


Just some of the services we offer include: Google Optimized Responsive Web Development – both new websites and redesign of existing sites, Search Engine Optimization – both Local and Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing Set-Up & Management, Internet Pay Marketing – Pay Per Click and Retargeting Campaign Set-Up & Management, Customer Relationship Management Setup and Training.  Digital Marketology works with your company to develop a custom marketing strategy that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our Services include elements of:


Development, Content Creation, Optimization and Syndication

Website Development

Website Solutions with Digital Marketology

Website DevelopmentWebsite Design and Development 
We design and develop both new websites and redesign existing websites to a responsive design that is recommended by Google.  Our Google Ready Website Subscription includes a website designed on WordPress CMS and developed to rank in the search engines with your target audience in mind.

Site Maintenance 
Does your website need a little help?  The days of paying for a website and having it outdated is over.  With our Core website subscription, we offer unlimited changes to existing pages and core updates with to the most current Google best practices.

Analytics IconAnalytics and Reporting 
Discover more about your website’s visitors – where they come from, which pages they visit, why they leave without contacting you and more!

Content Creation

 Tulsa Content Services with Digital Marketology

website-icon-formsAuthoritative Content 
A company’s rankings are based on consistent, high quality, ongoing content.  We can assist with content that needs improving or help to create it from scratch.  With the right methodology, it’s easier than you think.

website-icon-copywritingCopywriting Service 
Content is King but who has time to write copy for your website and run your business?  Provide us with some background information and a writing style that you like and we will fill your website with quality, high-value copy.

website-icon-videoWeb Video
Web video is becoming an ever more important piece to your online presence and reach.  It also has one of the best return on your investment for your marketing dollar.  We can develop your online video message and help you share it with others.

Share and Syndicate

Share your information and get found online with Digital Marketology

Local SEO

We offer Local SEO search strategies specifically tailored to ensure sending the right external location signals, inbound links, on-page and social signals and review signals to Google about your business.


Analytics IconSEO Marketing

Our SEO strategies will get you a high-ranking placement in search results. Our customer-focused team will improve your traffic flow and increase sales for your internet based operations.  These Include:


Pay Per Click

Our Paid Search Campaign Strategies are designed to meet the needs of our clients and their market condition.  Our Paid Search Services include:


Social Media OptimizationSocial Media

Our Social Media Optimization Service connects and shares your information leading to an increase in the brand, product or service awareness.

  • Setup of Social Sites
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Management

Additional Services

Engagement Solutions Offered by Digital Marketology


Analytics and Reporting - Digital MarketologyB2B Lead Identification
Discover which companies are visiting your website, When they are visiting, What pages, How Often,  and how long they were on a page.

CRM Solutions 
CRM software is commonly used to manage a business-customer relationship, however CRM software systems are also used in the same way to manage business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales leads.

Live Chat 
Give your company the advantage over competitors by actively engage with customers while they are on your site.

MiscReputation Management 
Monitor both positive and negative reviews. Engage with customers who leave reviews. And initiate and promote positive reviews.

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