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Reasons to use Google My Business for Local SEO

Google is looking for the best experience for its users.  It’s at its most profitable when users receive a good experience and when they find what they are searching for, then they’re more inclined to use the search engine again, which makes Google's ads more...

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Glossary of Local Search Terms and Definitions

We have compiled a Glossary of Local Search Terms and Definitions to help you understand local SEO.  Listed are some of the most commonly used local search terms and definitions.     active Status notation on the Google Places for Business dashboard if the...

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What is SEO

SEO for Beginners, What is SEO? Great easy to follow and understand the essence of what is SEO “Search Engine Optimization”  This video is from a great Austrailian SEO Marketer, David Murray, who explains the fundamentals what-what SEO can do for your business...

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Google’s Animals

Google's Animals refer to the four most popular algorithms of the more than 200 algorithms (checkpoints) that Google uses to determine where a website will rank within a search result and for which search queries. The exact checkpoints that Google uses are not...

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