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Your website is one of the most valuable marketing tools you can invest in.  The first impression is everything – so it is crucial that your visitors have a great experience from the moment they click on your website.  These days a bad site isn’t acceptable in today’s business landscape.  It has been shown that 75 percent of potential customers judge the credibility of a business or company based on their website. This statistic represents the undeniable importance of having a properly designed site.

Is your Website an Effective Marketing Tool?

Here is what you need to attract new customers online:

  • An effective website,
  • Online marketing strategy.

Your online marketing strategy is highly dependent on the competition in your market, your specialty, and how your site is currently performing. Your online marketing strategy may include the following services: social media posting, online reputation management, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, blogging and search engine optimization (SEO).  On the flipside, you can drive a lot of traffic to your website, but it will be wasted energy if your site is not effective. Your website should be able to capture visitors’ attention, engage them and have strong calls to action in order to convert traffic to potential customers.

Does your Website have Irrelevant Content?

If your website’s content is outdated, you might be missing out on inquiries and sales. You may be offering completely different services or products that your site indicates.  The secret to an effective site is to provide useful, fresh information on a regular basis.  Although redesigning your website is not a simple task, it’s well worth the effort if it means that your business can continue to pull in new customers and stay at the top of your industry.

Is your Website slow?

Did you know that most people abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load?  A slow site is never a good thing since you run the risk of losing and annoying potential customers.  Moreover, a slow website will hurt your Google search engine ranking.  Customers, especially paying customers, want to purchase products online from a reliable and fast website.  Once you realize that your site is taking too long to load, you should immediately start seeking for the help of a professional web designer to have it redesigned.

Does your Website look outdated?

Picture this if you will – you are walking by a T-shirt shop with shirts in a display window that look faded, in styles of yesterday and dusty.  Would you walk in or continue on to a store that looks better and well taken care of?  Let’s face it: web design trends are constantly changing, and if your website is a few years old, it may look outdated.  An outdated website can leave visitors wondering if the company or business still exists. If you do not update your site as often as you know you should, a website redesign provides the perfect opportunity to remedy the problem.

Is your Website Mobile-Friendly and Responsive?

If visitors to your site have a hard time viewing it on their mobile devices or tablets, you might want to consider redesigning your website.  You can reach a wider audience by optimizing your website to operate and automatically adjust to any screen resolution or size on all devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.  Besides being responsive, your website must perform at the optimum level and be user-friendly.  Most importantly, your website’s design should not interfere with the user’s experience, irrespective of the device they are using. If your website is difficult to navigate, potential customers will certainly turn away from your page and look elsewhere.

If it is time to update your website we can help.  Visit our Google Ready Website Section for more information or Contact us for a Free Consultation