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What to Do Before You Work With a Web Designer

Looking to hire someone to build a website for your business?  We’ve pulled together a few things to do on before getting started: Discover other sites in your industry that you both like and dislike The best way to find out what you might want in your new website is...

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It’s Time to Update your Website

Your website is one of the most valuable marketing tools you can invest in.  The first impression is everything – so it is crucial that your visitors have a great experience from the moment they click on your website.  These days a bad site isn’t acceptable in today’s...

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How To Optimize Your Website For Google

When understanding Search Engine Optimization you need to understand that to rand your website towards the top of pages on Google, Bing and Yahoo you need to understand and work with complex algorithms and it takes a lot of time and effort.  There are certain rules...

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Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design The mobility era is upon us.  The focus has shifted from the traditional use of desktop devices to smartphones and tablets.  Your business needs to give more attention to your mobile presence and not just the traditional online presence. ...

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