Brand Marketing Tips for Business

Brand Marketing Tips for Business

Long gone is the time when a company could rely only on the quality of their product for success. Big companies are not going anywhere and start-ups are emerging at an unbelievable rate. Today, brand marketing is a key aspect of running a business, you should place your efforts into developing and maintaining a strong brand presence. Listed below are some proven strategies to can help you with branding your business.



A strong sense of identity lies at the core of every successful brand. When talking brand identity we’re talking visual identity for the better part. Having a great product means little if you don’t have a great way to represent it. The name you choose needs to be catchy and to evoke everything that your company stands for. The color scheme and logo are something that your company will be recognized for, so investing in a great design definitely, pays off. All the great companies in the world have logos that can stand by themselves even without the company name. That kind of identity is what you should be aiming for.



People love stories. Storytelling has always been the foundation of human society and something that we all share our genes. Global brands are very aware of that and know how to exploit our love for good stories. Successful marketing campaigns are brimming with brilliant examples of storytelling. But, what makes a great story? First, it should be fascinating, emotionally engaging and eventually, it should present a clear relation to your brand. Never underestimate the power of appealing to customers’ emotions. It can be more effective than other, more rational methods. A well-written branding story can become synonymous with your brand in the collective consciousness.



A successful branding strategy cannot exist without a target audience that will help it develop its full potential. Still, once you have a target audience clearly defined, you need to start turning that audience into a community united around your brand. Capitalize on giving the people the fulfillment of the need to belong. This sense of togetherness can be achieved in a number of ways. You should strive to develop personal contacts with your customer base and what better place to do that than social media. An agency that specializes in email marketing for e-commerce can help you develop a one-to-one relationship with your customers.



Create an environment where customers will be encouraged to share their own stories and experiences. Apart from social giants like Facebook and Twitter, there are much smaller but specialized niche communities that have their forums and social networks. Use loyalty programs and rewards that can convert people from casual users to real promoters of your brand. However, your community strategy will only work if your employees are friendly and welcoming to the customers even if they are sharing negative experiences.


Your target audience will ultimately decide on particular values that you would like your brand to be associated with. For some, it will be family values, of others adventure, femininity or friendship. Common, desirable values can be a strong uniting force that binds a brand to its customers. Two popular approaches in adding value to the brand are the “gluing” and the “golem” approach. The gluing attaches brand values and other desirable associations primarily to the name and the logo. The golem approach, on the other hand, creates a human-like entity with a personality that consumers can relate to.

Building a strong company from the start by just providing a quality product or service is getting harder. Although a great product is essential, a solid brand is like a battering ram, clearing the way to the markets.

Facebook Advertising Frequency and Conversion

Facebook Advertising Frequency and Conversion

When an Ad is seen too often it can suffer from banner blindness and ad fatigue.  There are a few tricks to get around this.  Simply insert a new background image, change up the color scheme or even reverse the text and you have practically created brand new ad copy.


Understand Ad Frequency

Ad frequency is Facebook’s method of tracking how many times a display ad was shown to the same person. Ad frequency is calculated by the number of impressions an ad delivers divided by the number of unique visitors who were reached by the ad. Ad frequency is also influenced by your account’s budget and your target audience (e.g. their interests and Facebook behavior).

Users usually use three different bids for their campaigns:

  • Cost per click (CPC) – Paying a monetary amount for each time someone clicks on an ad or a link.
  • Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) – Paying for each time an ad delivers over 1000 impressions.
  • Other – cost per result, cost per lead, cost per app install, etc.- mainly used for e-commerce, mobile, and app install campaigns.

Advertisements are subject to an auction where Facebook evaluates which ad will best serve its audience. The maximum bid, estimated audience actions and ad relevance all determine which ads will be served to a specific audience.  It is important to understand that measuring your CTR, CPC, CPM and Daily Unique Reach only tell advertisers how an ad is performing, not why it reached that performance level. This is why ad frequency is so valuable to a Facebook ad campaign.


Why We Care About Frequency

Over the years, and across campaigns in many different verticals, it has shown that a certain degree of Frequency correlates to, if not directly causes, improvements in CTR and decreases in CPC (and ultimately CPA). However too low or too high of Frequency can cause just the opposite: low CTR and increased costs.

Ad frequency indicates the effectiveness of your current targeting efforts. Users can measure ad frequency in three ways: display ad frequency, ad group frequency, and ad campaign frequency.  Typically, Facebook advertisements tackling a horizontal market would optimally want to reach around a 1-2 ad frequency. Possessing an ad frequency of 1 and under indicates that your ads are too spread out and not reaching your target audience. An ad frequency above 4 in the newsfeed and 8 in the right ad column would usually start to suffer from banner blindness.

From doing deep dives into our partners’ in-house campaigns, and from our own tests, we’ve noted that low CTR usually results in inefficient bidding and higher costs to reach the target audience.

We also use Frequency rates to optimize our partners’ creative refreshes. While CTRs may dip due to daily fluctuations, combining a significant dip in CTR with the observation that Frequency has surpassed 5 allows Ampush analysts to more confidently conclude that it’s time for a creative refresh.


How Can Facebook Ad Frequency Impact Campaigns?

Showing an ad too few times will fail to leave a lasting impression – the ad will be easy to miss and forget. Conversely, should a user see the ad too many times, the high-frequency rate can have an adverse effect by attracting negative comments or feedback which lowers your ad’s Relevance Score (see how that impacts your spending efficiency). As your Facebook ad Frequency rises, it also becomes increasingly less likely that a user will click on the ad.

We suggest that campaigns consist of several phases, variants, or sequences to increase the total exposure without driving up the Frequency of any single ad set. We test numerous variables (color, spokesperson, messaging angle, etc) to see which drive the strongest performance. We then work to create new iterations of the top performing ads, focusing on those variables. By doing this, you can hit users with unique messaging and avoid making them feel like they’re being hit over the head with the same ad repeatedly.

We also monitor each of our partners’ campaigns closely for slight changes in CTR and Frequency to ensure maximum efficiency of spend. For most of our partners, we see that a Facebook ad Frequency range of 3-5 yields the best performance. We typically plan creative refreshes to go live after the 6 or 7 mark. This formula results in better ROAS, more conversions per campaign.

With Facebook’s change to focus on videos, we have found that videos have the longest shelf life on Facebook. We suggest a relaunch videos every 1-1.5 weeks and relaunch (or refresh) static images ever 4-6 to maintain high-performance CTR. We also found that Cinemagraphs have the shortest shelf life before CTR becomes suboptimal, while Carousel Ads have the longest (after video).



If you are undertaking a Facebook ad campaign, you need to put an emphasis on ad frequency.  For additional help in promoting your business, you can visit our full list of Social Media Services from Digital Marketology.

Steps to Create a Successful SEO Strategy

Steps to Create a Successful SEO Strategy

These days, most businesses understand the basic concepts of SEO (search engine optimization) and why it’s important. However, when it comes to developing and executing a sound SEO strategy, most businesses don’t know where to begin. Here are five steps you can take to make sure all of your SEO bases are covered.

Make a List of Keywords

Keywords are at the heart of SEO, and selecting the right ones can make or break your SEO strategy. Compile a list of about 10 keywords associated with your product or services. Plug these keywords into Google’s Keyword Tool and find variations that make sense for your business.

Using search volume and competition as your measure, narrow down your list to 10-15 keywords you would like to rank for. Then rank this list in order of priority or relevance to your business.

Your keyword list should be a living and breathing document that you review and update at least once a month. This will make sure you stay in keyword research mode and keep your keyword list evolving with industry and search trends.


Build Keyword-Focused Pages

When it comes to websites and ranking in search engines, it’s always better to have multiple web pages tailored to specific keywords or phrases. Trying to get one page to rank for a handful of keywords can be next to impossible.

Use your keyword list to determine how many different web pages you should create. Ultimately, the number of web pages you create should coincide with how many different products, offerings, and locations your business has. This will make it much easier for your prospects and customers to find you in search engines no matter what keywords they use.

Each web page needs to include relevant content for your prospects and customers and should include pictures and links to pages on your site to enhance the user experience.

Create a list of all the different web pages you would like to create and rank them in order of importance. Then, create a schedule and devise a plan of attack to get those pages built. You will continue to roll out new web pages and enhance existing ones as you continue your keyword research and optimization. Keep your list updated and prioritized by what web pages will help you to best achieve your business goals.


Set Up a Blog

Blogging can be an incredible way to rank for keywords and engage your website’s users. After all, every blog post is a new web page that gives you another chance to rank in search engines. If your business does not already have a blog, set one up, and make a point to blog at least once a week. Remember, you are blogging primarily for your audience, not the search engines. Write about things your audience and/or prospects are interested in, make sure you’re including relevant keywords where appropriate, and your audience will naturally find you.


Create a Link-Building Plan

While our first three steps were dedicated to on-page SEO tactics, link-building is the primary objective of off-page SEO, and it’s also a huge factor in how search engines rank your web pages. Dedicate some time to brainstorm all the different ways you can attract inbound links to your website. Start small – maybe share your links with other local businesses in exchange for links to their sites. Write a few blog posts and share them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Consider approaching other bloggers for guest blogging opportunities through which you can link back to your website. Another great way to attract inbound links is to use your blog to post articles related to current events or news. That way you have shot of getting linked to from an industry influencer or other bloggers in your industry.


Stay Current on SEO News & Practices

Like the overall marketing landscape, the search engine space is ever-evolving. Staying on top of current trends and best practices is a difficult task, but there are multiple online resources that can make it easy for you to stay on top of SEO news and changes that may impact your website and your SEO strategy. Here are a few resources to check out:

  1. SEOmoz
  2. SEOBook
  3. Search Engine Roundtable
  4. Search Engine Land
  5. This Blog!


Measure and Track Your SEO Success

SEO can take a lot of time and effort. What good is spending all this time and effort if you can’t see the fruits of your labor? There are many metrics you can track on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep your SEO plan on track and measure your success. Create a monthly dashboard using Excel or a web analytics package so you can monitor how much traffic comes to your website from organic search.  Also, tracking indexed pages, leads, ROI, inbound links, keywords, and your actual ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) can help you recognize your success as well as identify areas of opportunity.

Do you have an SEO strategy in place for your business? Are you constantly revisiting it to improve how well your website ranks in search engines?

Reason to Use Link Building Services

Reason to Use Link Building Services

Link Building Services Explained

Our link building services are expertly delivered by a team of talented content marketing and PR specialists, who aim to provide your brand with exceptional coverage, quality backlinks and organic referrals to your website.


Why Can Link Building Help Grow Your Business?

Google has more than 200 ranking signals in their algorithm for scoring websites in the search engine. Despite the many changes to SEO over the years, link building continues to be one of the most important signals, as it informs Google you are a trusted website that can provide online value to users.  If you want to become the competition in the search engines, your website will need a strong link building strategy and social signals. Our backlink services are focused on providing compelling ways to attract links to your website, rather than just building them for little or no value.


Experts in Link Building

Our skilled link builders will do their utmost to maximise a website’s visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Our goal is to help you earn your place in Google, which is why we can develop a content marketing strategy to provide compelling reasons for a website to link back to you.  We understand the best way to deliver a successful link building service is by building relationships, not just links. That’s why you can trust you will receive relevant links from authoritative sites in your niche with our SEO link building strategies, which will allow your brand to maximise its ROI.  Not only will you receive authoritative SEO backlinks, but you can also boost your referral traffic, improve your brand awareness and significantly increase a website’s ranking.


How Does It Work?

We believe our link building services are a fundamental aspect of a successful SEO campaign. Therefore, our specialists will work with you to define objectives and develop a strategy through blogger outreach, PR, and creative content marketing.  We take the steps to identify your key audiences and attract key influencers. Our team is also happy to deliver backlink services to support in-house and external content marketing and PR teams, or we can happily become your sole SEO team.



At Click Intelligence, we thoroughly research your industry, keywords, and competitors to deliver a link building strategy that works for your website. We utilize our in-house technology to deliver high-quality backlinks using white hat link building techniques. You therefore never need to worry about receiving a Google penalty due to poor backlinking methods.


Backlink Auditing & Analysis

We believe in reviewing your current link profile before we even think of embarking with our backlink building services. By doing so, we can gain an insight into any existing issues that could cause problems now or in the future, such as unnatural, manipulative backlinks from past campaigns. We can then deliver a strategy that can successfully improve your backlink profile.



We believe a content marketing campaign is the beating heart of a link building strategy. For this reason, our outreach team builds relationships with influential journalists, bloggers, and editors to gain a high authority guest post placement. We also have a team of skilled writers to provide engaging, well-written content, which will drive organic referrals and allow your website to gain trust in the SERPs.



We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for a brand. We continually focus on developing a natural backlink profile for your brand, which is why we analyze a campaign through detailed reporting – and we offer full transparency on our approach.


Get Started

If you are ready to start Link Building for your business click here to learn more about our Link Building Services at Digital Marketology

Reasons to Hire an Expert PPC Agency

Reasons to Hire an Expert PPC Agency

Why Can Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Help Grow Your Business?

If your brand wants to acquire new customers, boost exposure and drive valuable traffic to your website, you should certainly consider paid search management. It is, without a doubt, one of the fastest ways to reach new customers in need of your services. Not only that, but you will have complete control of a campaign from start to finish, as you can easily change your budget and you will only pay for qualified traffic to your website.

Click Intelligence PPC Management Services Can Help

Our pay per click agency offers so much more than just Google AdWords campaign management. We can provide PPC services for a variety of networks, from paid search to paid social. It is our goal to provide a campaign that can yield the best ROI for your company, from AdWords to Facebook or LinkedIn advertising.

No other marketing platform allows you to take full control of a return on investment quite like a pay per click management service. Our paid search agency has the experience, tools, and know-how to deliver successful campaigns time and again.

How Does It Work?

We aim to deliver a PPC campaign that’s ideal for your brand. Our team of experts take the time to get to know your business and will listen carefully to your goals to ensure we can deliver a strategy that provides the results you need to compete online.


Not only do we evaluate your company’s needs, but our specialists will learn the ins and outs of your industry, reviewing your competitors and identifying your company’s unique selling point in the market.


To ensure we deliver on our promises, we only target the most appropriate keywords for your brand. Therefore, you do not waste a penny on a campaign. Our experienced techniques allow us to reach areas that will provide real value for your business, and will avoid areas that just aren’t quite right for your brand.

PPC Evaluating and Reporting

We can conduct a thorough PPC audit to help your brand identify its biggest priorities, so you know the areas we will focus on if you choose us to become your paid search agency.  We’re an open book here at Click Intelligence. We can provide transparent reports so you can gain a detailed insight into a PPC campaign. Our PPC agency can, therefore, show you what we have been working on, as we can identify how you paid search strategy has performed against key metrics.



Our PPC company has a firm grasp on your ad group’s keywords directed to your landing page. An experienced PPC expert will therefore continually test your campaign to ensure you receive a steady stream of traffic at the lowest rate.



We don’t take a shot in the dark when it comes to PPC. We focus on data to effectively optimize and measure PPC campaign and therefore ensure tracking is successfully setup so we can receive the data we need to drive your campaign into the future.

Pay Per Click Marketing with Digital Marketology

Our Pay Per Click Services do not solely depend on tools for paid search management, as we rely on our knowledge and experience to maximize your campaign’s ROI.  If you have yet to jump into the world of PPC or are simply looking for a PPC management agency, contact Digital Marketology today for a Free Consultation to discover how we can help you leap to the top of the search engines.